Changing the Basemap

The basemap is the background part of the map that extends beyond your property boundaries. These can be changed by selecting the Change Overlays & Basemaps button on the right-hand side of the map screen. We provide several options for basemaps so you can determine what meets your needs as you review imagery.

1. Vector - this is a black simple background. It is the default option in Lens to make it easy to see your property and the imagery layer you're reviewing.

2. Satellite imagery - this composite imagery from Mapbox is helpful for providing context on the landscapes surrounding your property. However, because the timing of data collection is not known and the imagery often includes captures from various times, it is likely not appropriate to use for monitoring. Satellite imagery can be selected as the basemap with or without labels such as street and city names. 

3. Topographic - similar to what you see in Google maps, the topographic layer provides clear contrast to the imagery layer selected within your property boundaries, while also giving context into the surrounding landscape. 

If you’d like to see the Basemap only, click on the Layers dropdown menu and select "Basemap." You can choose from any of the Basemap options to see your property with different layers. If you stray too far while exploring the surrounding area, press the "Zoom to fit property" button to return.