Getting Started in Lens Checklist

  1. Set up your account & add team members
  2. Select a property
    1. Navigate to a portfolio and select a property of interest.
  3. Review public truecolor imagery & Order imagery 
    1. NAIP (if within the US) and Sentinel-2 imagery are available for all properties. 
  4. Order imagery 
    1. This support article reviews the process of ordering a commercial, high-resolution image.
  5. Compare two images and make a note
    1. Compare images from two different dates using Compare Mode to identify changes on a property.
    2. Document your observations in the Notes pane.
  6. Review public ecological layers and use Analyze Area
    1. Generate an Analyze Area chart to understand Sentinel-2 data.
  7. Make a report
    1. This support article reviews the process of creating and customizing a report. 
  8. Manage your account
    1. Organize your properties in the Property Overview page with the Tags feature.
    2. Use the Ordered Imagery page to quickly track how much you’ve spent to date and how many properties have an image.

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