Lens Support Articles Overview

This article reviews each category under which the relevant Lens support articles are located. You can use this as a jumping-off point to find the right article to answer your questions.  

  1. Welcome to Lens!
    • Get up to speed with our Lens Onboarding Guides and Getting Started in Lens Checklist, as well as this handy overview of the support articles.
  2. Getting Set Up
    • This will review how to prepare your data and get started in your Lens account.
  3. Getting Organized
    • Your account is set up with your data and you’re ready to roll! These articles review how to add new users, manage notifications, and streamline your workflows. 
  4. Inspecting Imagery and Data for Insights
    • Once you’re organized, you can start diving deeper. This section reviews everything from the various imagery & data layers available in Lens to ordering and interpreting remote imagery.
  5. Analyzing and Documenting Changes
    • Now that you know how to access the necessary imagery, this section will walk through making notes, tools for deeper analysis, and generating reports. 
  6. Managing Your Data and Budget
    • This section reviews how to keep your account up to date and manage your imagery orders - understanding LensIDs, tracking your imagery orders, and more.
  7. API and Integrations
    • If you work with other management softwares or apps, you can set up an integration with Lens. Check out our articles for your integration options.
  8. Use, Licensing, and Data Security
    • This section covers how you can use the commercial imagery ordered in Lens, the specifics of your Lens contract, and our privacy & security standards.
  9. Video library
    • We know that sometimes seeing things in action is the best way to learn - browse our videos about Lens features and use cases.
  10. Welcome to Lens storymap
    • Want an all-in-one welcome resource to send to new users? Check out the storymap above and share with other folks on your team.