Managing your team

Manage your team members and permissions by visiting Manage Users, or by navigating to the Settings page using the top-right menu.

Managing users

The Manage Users page lists existing users and their Role. Roles have associated permissions that are listed in more detail on the Invite page. Admin users can edit any other user, editing their profile and Role. Users with the Member role can edit only their own profile. A complete summary of the three types of users: Admin, Member and Read-only is shown below:

Inviting new users

Users with the Admin role can invite new users to the team by sharing an invite link from the Invite page. There are invite links for each permission level. Be sure to share the link corresponding to the permission level desired for the new users. The link may be used by multiple users to sign up, and can be invalidated and regenerated at any time if it is shared in an undesirable manner by immediately contacting Once generated, links expire after two weeks. The Invite Users button allows any Admin or Member to generate a signup link, and there's no limit to how many users an organization can sign up.