Using volume, rate, and cumulative viewing options

Dashboard rate, volume, and cumulative aggregations allow on-the-fly aggregation and resampling of underlying observation and forecast data. 

To change a visualization's unit display, use the drop-down on the top right of your flow forecasts. For HydroForecast Short-term forecasts, rate, volume, and cumulative aggregation options are available.

For HydroForecast Seasonal forecasts, rate and volume aggregations are available.

Available options differ depending on the visualization. For example, the volume and cumulative aggregation is only available for water quantities, not temperature. The aggregation selection transforms both the visualization and any data exported via CSV or viewed in the table.

We added this feature to help answer user questions, such as: 
  • What's the total inflow volume (in cubic meters or acre-feet) expected in June?
  • How many inches of rain in total are forecasted for tomorrow?