Forecast notifications

To edit notification preferences, navigate to “Settings” → “Notifications” in the HydroForecast dashboard.

Opt into daily digest emails

To opt into daily forecast digest emails per site, toggle the options for issue times 0Z and 12Z forecasts. Once toggled on, you will receive daily emails displaying the predicted mean flow per day for the 10-day horizon. 

Click on the issue time within the email to access a direct link to the latest forecast on the dashboard.

Check out this video for details on how to sign up for digest emails.

Set threshold-based alerts

To set a threshold-based alert, click on the “Add new” button and enter your desired criteria for being notified.

You can choose to enable email notifications for HydroForecast Short-term forecasts, HydroForecast Seasonal forecasts, or any weather inputs. To set a threshold-based alert, you will need to enter:

  • The project and site you would like to be notified about
  • Source (whether you’d like to be notified about flow forecasts or weather inputs)
  • Column (for weather inputs, choose between precipitation and temperature, and for flow forecasts choose a flow quantile)
  • Direction (whether you’d like to be notified if the forecast is above or below the set threshold)
  • Your desired threshold

Once a threshold is set, you will receive an email if a forecast is predicted to exceed the set threshold. Threshold events notify only once when a threshold is first triggered. Subsequent forecasts will not notify again until the event is resolved and a forecast is produced where the threshold is no longer exceeded. 

See this video for a walk-through showing how to sign up for threshold-based alerts.