Generating Parcel Owner Reports

Available with Lens Standard and Lens Enterprise plans. 


Parcel Owner Reports make it easy to compile information about US tax parcel ownership for your Lens properties in a streamlined, organized way. These reports will include ownership information and parcel ID numbers for the tax parcels within and contiguous to your properties in Lens. Parcel Owner Reports can summarize the ownership information for up to 1,000 tax parcels within a property. 

To generate a Parcel Owner Report, first make sure that Regrid's Parcel Ownership layer is active for your portfolio via the Lens Library. Next, navigate to the Details pane on the left side of your screen while viewing a property. 

Click "Generate Report" in the Parcel Owner Report section towards the bottom of the Details pane. The report builder will open in a new tab. 

The freeform text box on the first page is useful for writing notes that you'd like to include in your exported report. If you'd like your organization's logo to appear in your reports, you can add it to your account from your Settings page

The Parcel Owner Report will include a title page with a freeform text box, an overview map, a parcel detail page, and a summary table.