Parent Organizations for Enterprise Customers

Parent Organizations are available for Enterprise Lens customers. 

Lens accounts are typically structured individually, meaning that if your organization has separate business units, each unit will have a separate account. In order to access multiple Lens accounts, you will use unique email addresses to create each account.

Enterprise customers can ask us to create a parent organization, which is an organizational hierarchy with one Lens account with visibility into multiple child / member organizations. User accounts in the parent organization log in and see a list of associated child orgs, then can click into those to view portfolios. User accounts that are invited to an individual child account will not have the ability to access other child orgs, unlike user accounts associated with the parent org. When you use parent organizations, you may only assign a child organization to one parent organization. 

We set parent organizations up manually, so please reach out to us if you want to utilize this structure or would like to learn more about the best way to structure your Enterprise accounts.