Single Sign On (SSO)

Available to customers with an Enterprise plan


Single Sign-On (SSO) makes logging in to online services easier and more secure. It allows you to log into multiple online platforms using a single set of credentials, making it easier to manage your login information and improving the security of your account. Rather than having a unique Lens login, your team can sign up and sign into Lens through an identity provider of your choice. 

Set up

The first step is to set up a connection for Lens with your identity provider. Lens supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OpenID Connect (OIDC), and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. We’ll work with you to configure the setup with your IT team and make SSO mandatory for your organization. 

Log in 

When SSO is enabled for a Lens account, users can initiate the login process from the same url. The login process has two steps, so first you’ll enter your email address which allows us to check whether you are part of an organization with SSO set up. If so, we’ll redirect so you can log in through your provider, then take you straight into Lens.