Smart Summary in reports

This feature is available in Plus and Enterprise accounts only and is a beta feature, meaning we are continuing to refine it based on your feedback.


Smart Summaries are a new beta feature in Lens built to make your monitoring workflow even easier. These AI-generated summaries help you quickly craft a summary based on the notes included in the report. 

The smart summary is meant to be a starting point for you to make further edits or revisions because we believe that AI is most useful when applied to specific tasks with oversight from humans. In this case, that task is writing a summary based on all notes in a report, and the output is meant to be a starting point for further refinement from the user. 

How it works

This beta feature can be found on the first page of a report created in Lens. As with most AI tools, context is key, and the outputs tend to be better when there are several notes and note text is descriptive.  

Click the icon shown below to automatically generate a summary based on the text from notes included in the report. This option will not be available if there are no notes in your report. Additionally, this prompt will not be visible if you save or print your report as a PDF.

Once you’ve chosen to “Generate a Smart Summary,” you will see the model begin to write a summary for your report in real-time. We encourage you to review, edit, and modify it as-needed - this is meant to be a first draft for you to craft a summary that is useful to your monitoring goals. 

If you plan to submit your report to a regulatory body, we suggest including a note on authorship to ensure that interpretations are cited appropriately. By default, the summary will include a line at the bottom that says " Interpretation drafted by the Lens Smart Summary Assistant."

This new feature leverages a large language model that uses your note text as an input to craft a short summary. It is built using an API with OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. 

If you aren't interested in using this feature in your Lens account, we have an option for Admins to hide Smart Summaries in reports from the Organization settings page, as shown below.


Your note text and Lens account data is secure and will not be used in model training or shared outside of your organization. The AI model will not retain your data and does not have access to any information about your organization beyond the text of notes included in the report.