New Model Version Rollout

Upstream Tech has a structured release process for new forecast models designed to ensure a clear understanding of any changes and operational continuity while enabling ongoing improvement to forecast models. The following outlines the process when an improved model is pending release with a customer organization: 

  1. Users at the organization are notified via email that a new model will be released and the expected roll-out timeline. 
  2. When a new model is ready, we email users the release notes with back-cast verification statistics and a description of model changes. 
  3. We optionally provide a video call with an organization’s users to field additional feedback. 
  4. We commence the release of the updated forecast model by providing both the existing and updated model versions in our forecast deliveries concurrently. 
  5. When users and Upstream Tech are satisfied with the real time performance of the new model, Upstream Tech ceases production of forecasts from the older model version.