Adding Overlays

Areas of interest such as building envelopes, timber areas, trails, etc. can be added to your portfolio as overlays on your properties. These vector data can be points, lines, or polygons. 

To add your overlays to Lens, we require shapefiles that follow these guidelines:

  • One shapefile per overlay type. This means that if you need to add building envelopes and trails (two separate overlay types), you will need to provide two separate shapefiles. Each overlay can cover multiple properties within the same portfolio 
  • The shapefile must have a valid projection (WGS 84 projection preferred).
  • The property boundaries must have no self-intersections or invalid geometries.
  • Include only 2-dimensional coordinates - see this resource if you need help removing a "z" coordinate

If you would like to differentiate between different features within the same overlay type, include a name attribute field in each shapefile.

In the image below, the overlay type is "DEP Wetland" and the name of the specific overlay feature is "Cranberry bog".

To view or hide overlays, click on the relevant layers in the “Layer” dropdown to check or uncheck each one. You can also set your colors and defaults by clicking on "Customize Overlays'' at the bottom of that dropdown, as shown below.