HydroForecast API Best Practices

Status Codes

The API uses standard HTTP status codes.

200 - The request completed successfully.

400 - 499 - There was an error in the request. Please check the URL, arguments and any provided data. The response body will contain an error message to help identify the problem.

500 - 599 - The API encountered an internal error. Please retry the request as described below.


Users should retry the API with an exponential backoff if any 500 level status code is returned.

Rate Limits

Each endpoint has a defined rate limit. If the request rate to this endpoint is exceeded then HTTP status 429 will be returned. The rate limit is tracked over a sliding window.

Rate limits are tracked per-endpoint, per-organization. If multiple requests use different API keys for the same Organization they’ll all count against the same limit.

It is unlikely you will encounter rate limits during normal API usage. If you are encountering rate limits and you believe you should not be please contact team@hydroforecast.com.