Tracking Imagery Orders and Contracts

This article includes: 

  • Using the Ordered Imagery Overview Page
  • Viewing Contracts and Imagery Orders

Using the Ordered Imagery page

The Ordered Imagery Overview page provides a space to track contract usage and ordered imagery details. Once you select a portfolio, you'll be taken to the Property Overview page. From this page, select “Ordered Imagery” from the Overview dropdown menu in the top navigation bar.

Current Contract

The Current Contract section contains details about the active Lens contract for the selected Portfolio. Note that all monetary values are in US dollars. At a glance, you can see the:

  • Contract name and dates
  • Amount of imagery ordered to date on the contract
  • Price per acre for commercial imagery
  • Not-to-exceed amounts, if applicable

If the current contract includes multiple Portfolios, this section’s statistics will reflect orders and any contract limits across all Portfolios in the Lens account.

To view all contracts in your organization, click the "Go to all contracts" link in the upper-right corner.

Order History

The Order History section only contains ordered imagery details for the currently selected Portfolio.


The filters toolbar allows you to filter the ordered imagery records by the following:

  • Property name
  • Image date, acreage, and source
  • Ordered date and orderer
  • Contract, which defaults to the current contract for the selected Portfolio

The filter values apply to the charts and table in this section, allowing you to explore your data flexibly.


The pie and histogram charts help you understand the following statistics about the ordered imagery records that match your section filters:

  • Number of properties with one or more high-resolution image ordered
  • Number of ordered images by capture date 
  • Number of ordered images by source


The sortable table includes all ordered imagery records to date in the selected Portfolio that match your section filters. For each ordered image, you can see the:

  • Image: Hover over the media icon to preview the ordered image.
  • Property: The property associated with the image. Click on the name to navigate to the property map with the image overlay.
  • Image Date: The image capture date.
  • Acreage: The image area in acres.
  • Cost: The image cost in U.S. dollars.
  • Source: The image source operator and resolution.
  • Order Date: The image order date.
  • Ordered By: Lens user who ordered the image.
  • Contract: The contract on which the image was ordered.

This table only includes ordered imagery records for the selected Portfolio. To explore ordered imagery records for another Portfolio, navigate back to the Portfolios screen, choose a different Portfolio of interest, and navigate to the Ordered Imagery Overview page.

Viewing contracts and imagery orders

The Contracts page in Lens is a one-stop page to view all past and current contracts and imagery orders. Use the Contracts page to see contract details across all portfolios in your organization, and download CSV files with information about every imagery order.

Getting started

  1. Log in to your Upstream Tech account.
  2. Click on your name in the upper-right corner, and select Contracts from the menu. You may also navigate directly to the page.

Viewing contracts

The Contracts table includes details about all past and current contracts across all portfolios in your organization.

  1. Contract: This column contains the name of the contract and its status. A green dot icon will appear for current contracts that imagery orders may be made against. A gray dot will appear for past and future contracts, as well as contracts that have been superseded by a more recent contract for the same portfolio(s).
  2. Portfolio: The portfolio(s) covered by the contract.
  3. Start Date: The contract's start date.
  4. End Date: The contract's end date. If the contract does not have an end date, the value will be N/A.
  5. Ordered Acres: The number of acres of imagery ordered on the contract to date. This value includes paid orders and orders provided at no cost.
  6. Orders: A link to download a CSV file of all imagery orders on the contract to date. For each imagery order, the CSV file will include a row containing the property name, image date, acreage, if the order was provided at no cost, image source, order date, the user who placed the order, portfolio, and contract name. You may also download a CSV file of all imagery orders across all contracts by clicking the ⬇️  download button in the Orders column header.

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