Tracking Imagery Orders and Contracts

The Billing and Contracts page in Lens is a place to view all past and current contracts and imagery orders. Use the Billing and Contracts page to see contract details across all portfolios in your organization, and download CSV files with information about every imagery order. To get there, click on your name in the upper-right corner. Then select Settings > Billing and Contracts. Or, click this link to go directly there.

Viewing contracts

The Contracts Overview table includes details about all past and current contracts across all portfolios in your organization.

  1. Contract: This column contains the name of the contract and its status. As shown above, a green dot icon will appear for current contracts that imagery orders may be made against. A gray dot will appear for past and future contracts, as well as contracts that have been superseded by a more recent contract for the same portfolio(s).
  2. Portfolio: The portfolio(s) covered by the contract.
  3. Start Date: The contract's start date.
  4. End Date: The contract's end date. If the contract does not have an end date, the value will be N/A.
  5. Ordered Acres: The number of acres of imagery ordered on the contract to date. This value includes paid orders and orders provided at no cost.
  6. Orders: A link to download a CSV file of all imagery orders on the contract to date. For each imagery order, the CSV file will include a row containing the property name, image date, acreage, if the order was provided at no cost, image source, order date, the user who placed the order, portfolio, and contract name. You may also download a CSV file of all imagery orders across all contracts by clicking the ⬇️  download button in the Orders column header.

A downloaded order history CSV

Viewing your order history

To the right of the Contracts Overview button, you can choose to see order history by portfolios. This gives you a breakdown of the individual image purchases by portfolio, and even shows a preview of the image that was ordered. To generate a CSV of these orders, hop back to the Contracts Overview and download the order history of the corresponding imagery contract (as shown in step #6 above).