Assignees and Reporting Due Dates


The Assignees column, which you can see from the Property Overview page, allows you to designate that certain team members are responsible for monitoring specific properties in Lens. This makes it easy for individuals to quickly filter to view the properties they are responsible for remotely monitoring at any given time.

You can add assignees from the Property Overview page by selecting the checkbox for each property, clicking "Assignee" at the top and choosing a person from your team list.

You can use the same checkbox process if you'd like to remove an assignee or transfer the property to another person to monitor.

Reporting Due Dates

The Property Overview page also includes a column for adding a due date for monitoring reports. Once one or more properties are selected, you can choose a date from the "Set reporting due date" button at the top. 

Like Assignees, this can make it easy for you to sort by due date to see which ones have a fast-approaching deadline.