Viewing Your Properties in 3D

Lens enables you to view your properties from two viewpoints:

  • 2D: visualize layers flat on the map as if viewed from above
  • 3D: visualize landscape contours and elevation with terrain data

2D is the default viewpoint, and you can toggle 2D and 3D using the map control in the top right. 

Activating the 3D viewpoint shifts the map into a 60-degree pitch and loads a digital elevation model to visualize the terrain. The terrain is exaggerated by a factor of 2 to give depth to the contours.

When in the 3D viewpoint, new controls become active that control the map's bearing. Whereas the 2D viewpoint has North fixed to the top of the screen, viewing the terrain from different angles provides interesting new perspectives for monitoring. Aside from these controls, everything in Lens functions as you would expect: using Compare Mode, switching between layers, and viewing and adding notes function as you would expect regardless of viewpoint.