Maintaining your LensIDs

What is a LensID?

A LensID is a unique identifier that exists as an attribute on every single feature in an organization's account. Unique ID to feature is a 1:1 relationship. If you have a multi-location property, then each location will have a single, unique LensID. 

Why use LensIDs?

Property names and geometry are both subject to to change over time, making them unreliable identifiers during the property update process. LensIDs allow for reliable and efficient updates, either for individual properties or a full portfolio.

How to access your LensIDs

After your account has been set up, you can export a shapefile or CSV from the property overview page which will include the LensIDs as an attribute. Exporting is the best way to access a larger amount of LensIDs. If you'd like to find the LensID of an individual property, you can view it in the Details pane. 

When to use your LensID

LensIDs are used for updating your properties currently loaded in Lens. This allows us to quickly and efficiently match up the features in the new file with the properties in Lens. When you are preparing a property update to send to us, be sure that the file includes an attribute field for LensIDs.