​Extended Archive Imagery Guidance

The Airbus Extended Archive is an imagery trove that we’re excited to make available to Lens customers. You’ll notice in the list of images for order in the Order pane, this source will be labeled "Extended Archive" after the satellite name:

We want to highlight a few ways that these images differ from the Airbus imagery we’ve provided to date:  

  • First, the Airbus Extended Archive, unlike other Airbus libraries, does not receive the same level of verification and correction. Because this quality control step is removed, more imagery can be made available to you. However, there is a higher likelihood that lower quality scenes may be available, such as images captured from a poor angle or with high cloud coverage.
  • The Airbus Extended Archive is less readily available for processing compared to other imagery sources, which means it may take longer to appear in Lens after you’ve ordered it. For this reason, we recommend that you allow at least a few days before you need the imagery for monitoring. On average we’ve seen the image appear in your account within a few hours, but this may vary and could take up to three days.