Parcel Owner Change Notifications

The Lens Lookout feature, including "Change in parcel ownership", is available for Standard and Enterprise plans.


Change in parcel ownership Lookouts are designed to help customers respond swiftly if ownership changes on a tax parcel that overlaps a property in Lens. For enrolled properties, we’ll check for any changes at the start of each quarter, and create a new notification with details on the new owner for each tax parcel, as well as sale date if available. We display the previous owner in notifications if the data is available, though in some cases that data is unavailable. This Lookout is based on the same data from Regrid we use for the Parcel Data Overlay, and is designed to enable proactive landowner engagement and planning for on-the-ground monitoring. We’ll check for changes on any tax parcels that overlap with your enrolled property in Lens. 

We will query Regrid’s database of tax parcel details at least once per quarter. This means you can expect to receive notifications at most four times per year, though this is based on how frequently counties are updating tax parcel data. Once you enroll your properties in the "Change in parcel ownership" Lookout, we collect baseline ownership data for three months before checking for ownership changes quarterly.

Parcel data is only available in the United States, and this alert will not be visible for customers monitoring international properties in Lens.

Activate the Change in Parcel Ownership Lookout

Like other Lookout policies, users will need to enroll properties into the "Change in parcel ownership" Lookout. This can be done for an individual property from the Lookout pane, or in bulk for several properties at once from the Property Overview page. Choose the relevant properties in the list, then click on the Lookouts button at the top to enroll all selected properties into Lookout policies at once.

Email notifications for Lookout policies

To ensure that you receive prompt notice of any parcel ownership changes for enrolled properties, you can configure your notification preferences in Settings. Select your name in the top right and the first option in the dropdown is “Settings.” 

From this page, you will see options for each portfolio, and on the right side you’ll see Changes Detected and a dropdown of options as shown below. For any new Lookout notifications on enrolled properties, you’ll see new notices at the top of your Lens Digest email.