Overview of the Lens Contract

We know that reviewing a contract is significantly less exciting than reviewing high-resolution satellite imagery of your properties, so we want to make it easy for us to get off to the races. We created this overview based on questions that come up frequently and to help streamline the contracting process by explaining what all the legalese means for you as a user of Lens. We’re always here to answer any questions you or your team have along the way - you can reach out at lens@upstream.tech or to whoever you’ve been working with along the way. 

And this wouldn’t be a legal FAQ without a disclaimer: this document is intended for explanatory purposes and is not legally binding. The terms and conditions under which you are authorized to use Lens are the terms and conditions set forth in our Master Services Agreement. This FAQ is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor is it intended to supersede, modify or replace the terms of our Master Services Agreement. If you have questions regarding the Master Services Agreement and/or this FAQ, we encourage you to reach out to us, or seek the advice of legal counsel.  

Let’s get started:

How is the contract with Upstream Tech structured?
We have three components to our agreement: an Order Form, an End User License Agreement (EULA), and a Master Services Agreement (MSA).
The Order Form outlines what you’re signing up for with Lens, including pricing and billing details. In special circumstances, sections of the Order Form and Exhibit A can be modified for your organization if there are specifics that you need to add in terms of issues like billing. 

The Lens EULA outlines how users can use Lens, and also includes links to the EULAs for our imagery vendors managing the use of their imagery via Lens. These End User License Agreements are required by our satellite imagery vendors. As such, we can’t make any changes to these documents and by signing our contract, you’re agreeing to the terms laid out in their license (which are consistent with what’s in the body of our contract). You can always find the current Lens EULA at this link.

The Master Services Agreement is a set, standard document that we use across all Upstream Tech customers. We are always happy to answer any questions that come up specific to your organization.

Lens Access and Use

Who can have access to Lens / have a login? 

Your organization is the “Customer” that we’re contracting with. The contract also specifies “End User” which refers to each teammate within your organization that has an account and is using Lens. You can also provide logins to contractors or agents that your organization authorizes. Anyone that uses Lens under your organization’s account is subject to the terms in the contract. You can learn about varying levels of permissions at our help documentation here

Imagery Use

For any questions related to how you can use imagery, visit this support article on Commercial Imagery Use. 

Renewing or Ending Contracts

Do contracts auto-renew?

Yes, contacts are on auto-renewal moving forward.

What happens if we need to terminate the contract for some reason? 

Either party can terminate the contract with thirty days notice (though of course we never expect this to be the case). If Upstream Tech terminates the contract, you would be refunded on a prorated basis for any prepaid amounts. If your organization chooses to terminate the contract, you would not be entitled to a refund of what you’ve paid to date (such as the base access fee).  

Can I keep the reports? 

Yes - you can keep any reports generated after the contract is completed.

Can I get my notes and imagery out of Lens? 

If you choose not to renew your contract or to terminate, you’ll have 90 days to generate and download all the reports you need for your records, and notes can be exported per-feature as shapefiles. You can also retain a copy of your imagery in the form of JPEG or PNG. If you have any questions or concerns on the timeline as you’re evaluating renewal, don’t hesitate to contact our team

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