Organizing Properties into Portfolios

Properties are the main units for monitoring in Lens, and are organized into Portfolios. How you group properties into portfolios can vary based on your organization's needs. For example, you may want to keep all your properties together in a single portfolio, or have a separate portfolio for each program, team, stage, or other criteria. Portfolios are found on the landing page of Lens, where you will also see a snapshot of updates from the most recent week, properties you're assigned to, and portfolios.

Creating Portfolios

If you want to create additional portfolios, select the " Add a Portfolio" button on the landing page. 

There are several ways to sort properties into different portfolios: 

  • Select (and unselect) properties from one file to upload into multiple portfolios
    • Ex: Upload one file, but only select the properties you want uploaded to that portfolio. You can then upload the same file to another portfolio and select the properties you had not uploaded to the previous portfolio.

  • Upload a separate file for each portfolio
    • Ex: A single file is uploaded for all fee properties, and a single file is uploaded for all easement properties. You can create two portfolios, one for each of those files.

Moving Portfolios

If you would like uploaded properties moved to a different portfolio, select the properties and click "Move". You can then choose the new destination portfolio. The Move button will only appear for Admin and Member users. When you move a property, all associated Notes, images, and other information will be moved. 

Deleting Properties

To delete properties from a portfolio, Admin-level users can select them from the property overview page and click "Delete" in the top right corner. Admins can also delete properties from the Details pane, as shown below.

Renaming and Deleting Portfolios

From the Portfolios page, click the three dots on the relevant portfolio and then click Rename or Delete Portfolio.