Adding Properties

In this article:

  • Shapefile requirements
  • Preparing your shapefile
  • Assigning properties

Shapefile requirements:

To add your properties to Lens, we require a shapefile that follows these guidelines:

  • The shapefile must have a valid projection
  • The property boundaries must have valid geometries.
  • The shapefile must have an attribute to use as the "name" of the property for each shapefile feature.

Include only 2 dimensional coordinates - see this resource if you need help removing a "z" coordinate.

Preparing your shapefile

Whenever possible, please provide a single, merged shapefile of all your properties to be added. If you are adding properties to multiple portfolios, you may provide a shapefile for each portfolio. 

The areas of interest in your shapefile will be uploaded as “properties” in Lens, and all properties are made up of one or more locations. Each feature (individual row) in your shapefile will be uploaded as a separate location in Lens. 

Shapefile features with an identical name attribute will be grouped together as a single property, referred to as a multi-location property. Each location within a multi-location property can be uniquely named, in addition to the parent property name. Specify the additional name attribute to be used when the shapefile is provided. 

Every location will have its own report. This includes multi-location properties: each location will have a separate report. 

Example: The first two features in this shapefile have the same “Name” attribute and are grouped together as a multi-location property in Lens. The “Tract_Name” attribute is used to name the locations within this property.

Features in your shapefile

Features grouped as a multi-location property together in Lens

Assigning Properties

If you want to automatically populate the "Assignee" column in Lens from your shapefile, add an "assigneeEmail" attribute with the property assignee's email address. When they sign up for Lens with that email address, the property will be automatically assigned to them.

If you would like to add assignees to Lens after your properties have been added, check out our support article about Working with Property Assignees. If you have any questions during this process, you can contact us here or at


  • Feature: a single row in a shapefile
  • Location: a single feature, which either stands as its own property or as part of a group of locations under a single property. 
  • Property: a single feature or location
  • Multi-location property: a property that is made up of multiple locations (a collection of features) where each location shows up under a separate report. See our Working with Multi-location Properties support article to learn more. 
  • Attribute: a named field (column) in a shapefile
  • Lens Unique ID: a unique identifier that exists as an attribute on every single feature in an organizations account. Unique ID to feature is a 1:1 relationship