Exporting Imagery from Lens

There are two ways to export your imagery out of Lens for record-keeping or use in other tools: GeoTIFF and PNG raster exports.

Requesting GeoTIFF Exports 

GeoTIFFs are an industry standard type of raster image file commonly used to store satellite and aerial imagery data, which has the georeferencing information embedded within the file are are full resolution. GeoTIFFs are compatible with nearly all GIS applications, including Esri’s ArcGIS or QGIS, and maintain their quality when compressed, edited, or transferred.
At this time, we’re only able to offer GeoTIFF exports for truecolor Airbus images ordered through Lens. You can request these exports at no extra cost, just reach out to us at lens@upstream.tech with 
  • The Property and Portfolio 
  • The date or dates of the images you’d like

Requesting PNG Exports

We’re also able to request PNG raster exports on request for any imagery source in Lens. Simply email us at lens@upstream.tech with the following information:

  • The Property and Portfolio 
  • The date or dates of the images you’d like

For small exports, we will send your exports via email. For larger ones, we will send a temporary link from which you can download the exports. Each export is a .png file of a single property, including property boundary, as shown in the example below.

Exports are designed to adhere to vendor requirements of maximum width/height resolution as well as the required attribution. Be sure to review the Commercial Imagery Use FAQ = to understand the respective imagery vendor's permitted uses for these exports.

An example exported order.